i-Stone Solutions Sdn Bhd (ISOM)

i-Stone Solutions Sdn Bhd (ISOM) is one of subsidiary company under i-Stone group. ISOM has awarded MSC status by MDec in October 2013 under Share Service Outsourcing cluster. i-Stone Solution comprises of a group of dedicated, experienced and specialized engineers who have in depth knowledge of embedded system design, electronics design and integration.

The business objective is to localize all the design and development activities in the related field which benefit the customer in term of delivery time, resolve the technical challenge and resources management , and more important is significant educe the project costing.

ISOM key identified outsourcing services:

- Web base production shop floor application. The entire production information is accessible globally anywhere anytime.
- Test and measurement application software development.
- Mechanical design for test fixture, structure and enclosure.
- Automation design include process handling and line automation.
- Electronics designs include electronics board layout, application board for high speed processor module and embedded system programming.
- Measurement consulting in the area of noise and vibration effect, fluid dynamic effect, power efficiency and mechanical efficiency.