About Us

Company Core Values

- Knowledge sharing

- Commitment and Partnership to suppliers and customers

- Continual improvements

- Integrity


Company Mission

- Develop expertise in product and test technologies that will identify i-Stone as the leader in product and test development,system integration, global deployment and support.

- Works towards strategic relationships with customers by providing value-adds to customers. I-Stone assists customers to shorten time to market for their product and provides cost reduction in customers’ business and manufacturing operation.

- Provide customized, creative and innovative test and electro-mechanical solutions

- Achieve total customer satisfaction

- Leveraging strategic alliances to provide total solution


Company Core Compentencies

- In-house hardware and software development

- Full system development (electronics and mechanical)

- Product development

- Competitive pricing and on time delivery

- Quick turn capability

- On site support for all production phases

- Excellent after sales services & 24 hours standby support on request


i-Stone History

  • May 2014

  • I-Stone new website design launched.