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i-Stone operation started in Malaysia since early 2007, based in Skudai, Johor. The company started as a design house to provide system integration for manufacturing test and measurement system. The services provided to customer ranged from vague conceptualization to actual prototyping, and finally deployment to manufacturing floor. With the specialized knowledge and focus in core development for test and measurement metrology, the company has become strategy partner to various local and MNC companies in supplying turn key test and measurement systems for their manufacturing floor. Along the journey, the in-house capability has extended from design to fabrication, assembly, testing, commissioning and production support. 

Our History

The history of our Group can be traced to the establishment of i-Stone Technology on 29 January 2007. We commenced operations with our in-house E&E engineering team developing E&E design and programming application software used to operate specialised automation machines.

In 2010, we set up our in-house mechanical engineering team to develop mechanical designs for our specialised automation machines. With this we are able to undertake the entire engineering and software design of our specialised automation machines, comprising E&E design, mechanical design, and application software design, which further increased our flexibility in customising specialised automation machines for our customers, which are mainly brand owners and contract manufacturers.

In 2011, we ventured into the distribution of manufacturing automation hardware and software, Minitab brand of statistical analysis software used for statistical analysis of manufacturing processes; and Digi International brand of wireless communication devices and related embedded modules, which are mainly used for loT systems.

In 2013, we ventured into the design and fabrication of precision parts used in our specialised automation machines. This has enabled us to reduce our dependency on third party suppliers, whilst allowing us to have more flexibility in designing and fabricating precision parts with specific dimensions and/or designs required by our customers used for their specialised automation machines.  

In July 2016, we further expanded our in-house capabilities to include the design and fabrication of metal panels and frames used mainly as casings and structure for our specialised automation machines. This expansion enabled us to further increase our flexibility in customising our specialised automation machines by designing and fabricating the specialised automation machines' metal panels and frames in-house. With our in-house design and fabrication capabilities, we have better control of our product quality and manufacturing lead time.

In April 2018, we became a distributor of Universal Robots to sell, install and provide supporting activities of their robotics technology equipment in Malaysia. The supporting activities include, amongst others, integration service of robotic arms into our specialised automation machines and training for the use and application of robotic arms to customers.

In October 2018, we relocated all our manufacturing operations to the New Factory. With the centralisation of our manufacturing and fabrication activities at a single manufacturing facility, we are able to optimise our entire manufacturing processes into a seamless flow to increase our efficiency and productivity.

Our Vision

"Best-in-Class Manufacturing Test and Automation Company"

Our Mission

Develop expertise in Specialized Automation Machine for Test and Measurement that will identify i-STone as the expert in Test and Measurement, Automation, global deployment and support. Works towards strategic relationships with customers by providing value-adds to customers. Assists customers in shortening time to market and cost reduction.

Our Core Values


Celebrate Success by Reward and Development


Continuous Improvement & Best Practices


Customer FIRST


Build industry expertise and do the Best


Leadership, Team Communication, Support and Trust


Be Positive for Change, Passionate and Never Give Up


Innovative & Keep update with new technology


Project Management Professional


Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional (CWSP)

Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional Advanced (CWSPA)


Certified Labview Developer (CLD)

Certified Labview Associate Developer (CLAD)

Our Family

I-Stone comprises of committed an competent engineers, each with their own specialties. We turn vague ideas or concepts into real products ready to be deployed in manufacturing plant. Our team is consist of management team with technical background working together with engineers specializing in mechanical, electrical and electronics, software vision, robotics, motion control and test & measurement .

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