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Siemens Opcenter is a leading portfolio of Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) software products aimed to enable all organizations to implement their strategies for the complete digitalization of manufacturing operations. The Siemens Opcenter technology architecture was built to be flexible and easily adaptable to the specific requirements of different industrial processes – both in process manufacturing and discrete manufacturing. The highly scalable platform delivers powerful capabilities and enables manufacturers to combine production efficiency with production quality and production visibility to optimize their processes and significantly reduce their time-to-market.

Opcenter provide solutions for:

- Advanced production planning & scheduling
- Manufacturing execution
- Quality management
- Manufacturing intelligence and closed-loop improvement
- Research, Development and Laboratory

Source : Siemens Opcenter 


Siemens Opcenter Portfolio Apps Provide Closed-loop System Spanning Product Design and Production.

User Interface

Enhancing user experience with smart software interaction


Managing operations from anywhere, with any device


Interfacing software solutions efficiently for faster data exchange


Facilitating software deployment, upgrades and extensions while reducing the TCO

Cloud Support

Enhancing global visibility and real-time information for the whole organization

Portfolio Overview


Opcenter Execution Discrete

Opcenter Execution Discrete (formerly known as "SIMATIC IT Unified Architecture Discrete Manufacturing") is a specialized Manufacturing Execution System addressing the needs of the discrete industry market, focusing on job-shop part manufacturing and complex manual assembly.


Opcenter Execution Process

Opcenter Execution Process (formerly known as "SIMATIC IT Unified Architecture Process Industries") is Siemens' MES system for the CPG and Process Industries. Based on the latest technology, it enables you to implement your strategy for the complete digitalization of manufacturing.


Opcenter Intelligence

Opcenter Intelligence (formerly known as "Manufacturing Intelligence") connects, organizes and aggregates manufacturing data from disparate company sources into cohesive, intelligent and contextualized information.


Opcenter Quality

Opcenter Quality (formerly known as "QMS Professional") is a process-oriented, modular system that supports the closed-loop quality product lifecyle.


Opcenter APS

Opcenter APS (formerly known as "Preactor APS") is a family of production planning and scheduling software products that help you better orchestrate manufacturing processes. Solutions include Opcenter Advanced Planning and Opcenter Advanced Scheduling.


Opcenter Research Development and Laboratory

Opcenter RD&L (formerly known as "SIMATIC IT R&D Suite") offers companies in CPG and process industries a scalable and flexible platform to streamline, optimize, and align all formulated product data management.


Siemens PLM Software, now Siemens Digital Industries, is a leading global provider of software solutions to drive the digital transformation of industry, creating new opportunities for manufacturers to realize innovation. i-Stone has officially partnering with Siemens to offer Digital Industries Software to our industrial customer. 

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