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REBECCA TEE SOOK SING, Group Managing Director

Rebecca Tee Sook Sing, a Malaysian, born in 1981, is our Managing Director. She is responsible for the implementation of our Board’s decisions, strategies and corporate direction by keeping our Board fully-informed of all important aspects of our Group’s operations. She is also in charge of overseeing the day-to-day operations and implementation of the overall strategies in line with the corporate direction of our Group.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical-Electronics) and a Master of Business Administration (Strategic Management) in 2003 and 2008 respectively from UTM. Since 2014, she has been certified by the Project Management Institute as a Project Management Professional. She has more than 15 years of working experience in the E&E industry, specialising in the design and manufacturing of specialised automation machines.

She started her career in Flextronics Technology (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd in 2003 as a Test Development Engineer, where she was responsible for undertaking the development of functional test machines. In 2004, she was promoted as a Senior Test Development Engineer, where she was responsible for managing a team of engineers and monitoring the progress of development projects for functional test machines. She left Flextronics Technology (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd in January 2006 and joined Dyson Manufacturing Sdn Bhd as a Senior Electronics Development Engineer in its R&D department. In 2006, she left Dyson Manufacturing Sdn Bhd and re-joined Flextronics Technology (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd as Assistant Test Development Manager.

She is one of our pioneer members and has been instrumental to the business growth and development of our Group. She joined i-Stone Technology in 2008 as a Project Manager, where her responsibilities included overseeing our manufacturing automation business segment. In 2010, she was re-assigned as the Sales Manager of i-Stone Technology, whereby she managed key customer accounts and implementing overall business development plans and strategies. She assumed her current position as our Managing Director in 2018.  


Lo Ling, Executive Director

Lo Ling, a Malaysian, born in 1955, is our Executive Director. He is responsible for establishing our Group’s internal policies and leads various departments in i-Stone Group Berhad.

In 1979, Lo Ling graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) Degree from the University of Malaya. He subsequently furthered his studies there and obtained a Masters in Business Administration in 1985. He is a seasoned financial market professional with over 30 years of experience in structuring public and private company transactions on behalf of his clients.

He first began his career as a Geologist for Petroliam Nasional Bhd (Petronas) in 1979. After obtaining his Masters in Business Administration, he became an Account Manager for NCR in 1986. With his experience in financial markets, he was able to assume the role as Commissioned Dealer’s Representative of Omega Securities Sdn Bhd in 1991, before he journeyed to enhance his career at Kenanga Investment Bank Bhd in 1992.

In 2007, he was appointed as Commissioned Dealer’s Representative at AmInvestment Bank Bhd., a position he held until 2020 when he was appointed as Managing Director of ADAP Capital Sdn. Bhd. Equipped with years of experience in the industry, he was mainly responsible to source, evaluate and invest in attractive opportunities that meet the Fund’s investment criteria and objectives. Additionally, he also oversees the Fund’s public and private equity investment strategies. 


Emma Yazmeen Yip, Deputy Managing Director

Emma Yazmeen Yip, a Malaysian, born in 1994, is our Deputy Managing Director of the Group. She is also the Alternate Director to Dato’ Awang Daud. She is currently leading the new business division to focus in i-Stone’s business diversification.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Accounting and Finance from Sunway University in 2017. Regardless her young age, with more than 2 years of experience in the industry, she demonstrates strong leadership skills, and the determination to succeed.

She began her career with Kenanga Investors Berhad in 2018 as Financial Advisor, with responsibilities to promote and deliver the products offered to individual and corporate clients. In addition, she conducted extensive research on the outlook of local and international markets to advise clients accordingly. In that same year, she accomplished 3 remarkable achievements in the company, namely Top Achiever, Top Rookie of the Year and Top Group Achiever.

In 2019, she joined ADAP Capital Sdn Bhd as the Finance Manager and the Special Officer to the Executive Chairman. Her tasks involved managing and overseeing the group of companies under the lead of the Executive Chairman. She also managed the company's equity investment funds and maintained good relationship with the clients and dealers.


DESMOND HING FOOK SERN, Managing Director of Bizit Systems (Distribution Business)

Desmond Hing Fook Sern, a Malaysian, born in 1970, is the Managing Director of i-Stone Group Berhad’s subsidiary, Bizit Systems (M) Sdn Bhd and Bizit Systems and Solutions Pte Ltd. He manages and oversees operations of i-Stone’s distribution business and financial performance.

In 1993, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science (with distinction) in Industrial Engineering from University of Nebraska – Lincoln, USA. With more than 26 years of experience throughout his career, Desmond has a strong track record in business, engineering functions, sales and marketing planning. His 18-year experience in engineering and process excellence is a complement to the sales of Minitab software and Universal Robots as he is able to align value propositions of the company to meet customers' expectations.

He started his career with Aiwa Electronics (M) Sdn Bhd in 1994 as a Process Engineer and was eventually promoted to Senior Process Engineer in 2000. He was assigned to develop standardized assembly methods and more productive tools for better production. In 2002, he joined Dyson Manufacturing Sdn Bhd as a Manufacturing Engineer before he was promoted to Senior Manufacturing Engineer in 2005. He set up a new production line and implemented manufacturing solutions. In 2011, he went on to pursue his career in Singapore and joined Sealing Technologies Pte Ltd, and FCI Connectors Singapore Pte Ltd. During his tenure with both companies, he continued his passion in optimizing operational efficiency and machine performance.

In 2012, he joined Bizit Systems and Solutions Pte Ltd as a Sales Manager, where he was later promoted to Sales Director in 2014. In 2018, he was appointed as the Managing Director to lead the whole distribution business of i-Stone Group Berhad.  


LEE YONG HO, Head of Operations, Manufacturing Automation

Lee Yong Ho, a Malaysian, born in 1980, is our Head of Operations, Manufacturing Automation. He is responsible for overseeing the overall daily operations of our Manufacturing Automation segment.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical-Telecommunication) from UTM in 2003. Since 2014, he has been certified by Project Management Institute as a Project Management Professional. In 2016, he completed and passed the assessment for the training course on ISO 9001:2015 Auditor/Lead Auditor (Quality Management System) certified by the International Register of Certificated Auditors, which is valid for 3 years from 9 September 2016 to 8 September 2019. He has over 15 years of working experience specialising in the project management for test and measurement equipment development and manufacturing processes.

He began his career in 2003 as an Electronics Engineer at HPI Innovation Sdn Bhd, where he was responsible for electronics hardware product design and development. In 2004, he joined Flextronics Technology (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd as its Test Development Engineer where he was involved in the development of test and measurement equipment. In 2008, he left Flextronics Technology (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd and joined Qimonda Malaysia Sdn Bhd, as a Senior Engineer in the Unit Process Engineering Test Department, where he was involved in the prototyping, engineering and qualification of test processes.

He left Qimonda Malaysia Sdn Bhd in 2009 and joined i-Stone Technology as a Senior Project Engineer, where he was responsible for functional tester development activities such as machine wiring design, test software development, machine integration, deployment and support. He was then promoted to Project Manager (Electrical Engineering) in 2010 to oversee the overall planning, product development, manufacturing, field service and support as well as quality control activities of our Group. He assumed his current position on 1 October 2018.

He currently serves as a director in a private limited company.   


LAU KARN HWA, Senior R&D Manager

Lau Karn Hwa, a Malaysian, born in 1980, is our Senior R&D Manager. He is responsible in leading the I-Stone R&D team in the key research & development activities in data acquisition, machine vision, motion controls & machine learning.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical-Mechatronics) from UTM in 2003. He holds more than 18 years of working experience in the Electrical and Electronics industry.

He started his career in year 2003, served as one of the local pioneer engineers in Test Development team. The role requires extensive communication and negotiation with various customers to define and execute a product functional test plan. In Year 2005, he left Flextronics and joined Altera Corporation as Senior Test Development Engineer focusing on chip level/wafer level equipment developments.

From year 2007 to 2017, he served Agilent (then Keysight) Technologies, where he has grown into Expert Design Engineers developing Agilent/Keysight bench top oscilloscopes. Working together with Keysight USA team, he has completed 6 product development life cycles with successful global product launch. His skills include development of advanced embedded systems, signal integrity analysis and power electronics. During his tenure at Keysight, he was also a certified PMI Project Management Professional and a key contributor to US Patent (# 10,222,398).

Prior to I-Stone, he served as Senior Consultant for Xilinx distribution channels in Singapore, the key role includes business development activities driving demand creation for Xilinx SOC and Compute Hardware Accelerator targeting customers in Aerospace & Defence, 4G/5G Radio Communications, High Performance Computing Data Center and Machine Vison/Machine Learning domains.

He was promoted to Senior R&D Manager of our Group effective January 2021.


ONG SOO LID, Managing Director of Group subsidiary

Ong Soo Lid, a Malaysian, born in 1981, is Managing Director of our Group subsidiary . His main responsibility is international business development.

He graduated with a Bachelor Degree of Engineering (Electrical – Electronics) from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) in 2003. He has more than 17 years of working experience in the Engineering and Automation industry.

He began his career in 2003 with Tekmark Sdn Bhd as a Principal Consultant. He was responsible for providing a wide range of sales and technical services to customers and developed test and automation solutions in multiple industries. In 2007, he joined Celestica Electronics (M) Sdn Bhd as the Test Development Manager. During his tenure with Celestica, he had set up a test development team to provide in-house test solutions to their new and existing customers. In 2008, he joined Flextronics Technology (M) Sdn Bhd and was promoted to Senior Manager of Test Development Engineering and Industrial Automation. He was assigned to lead the company’s SMART factory and their Industry 4.0 initiatives.

In 2019, he decided to pursue his career in Singapore, where he joined Venture Corporation Limited as a Test Development Manager. He had the responsibility of managing the test development engineering team in Johor Bahru and Singapore. He then left Venture Corporation Limited to join i-Stone International Pte Ltd (“i-Stone Singapore”) as the Sales and Application Director to oversee operations of i-Stone Singapore.

He was appointed as Managing Director in one of our Group subsidiary effective January 2021.  


TEO YELING, Head of Finance

Teo Yeling, a Malaysian, born in 1983, is our Head of Finance. She is responsible for our Group’s overall financial and accounting functions, which include treasury, financial review, credit risk, cash flow management and financial planning.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Business (Accountancy) from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia in 2004. She was then admitted to full membership of CPA Australia as a Certified Practising Accountant in 2009 and has been a member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants since 2010. She has accumulated over 13 years of combined working experiences in accounting and finance field.

In 2005, she began her career as an Audit Assistant with KPMG Malaysia and was then promoted to Senior Audit Associate in 2007. In July 2008, she was assigned to the Advisory-Transaction Services Division of KPMG Malaysia, where she was involved in pre-deal evaluations and special audits for merger and acquisition exercises. In November 2008, she was seconded to KPMG Indonesia, where she was placed under its Assurance Division, where she was involved in various audit assignments for clients involved in the energy, natural resources and automotive industries.

Upon the completion of her secondment to KPMG Indonesia in April 2009, she returned to the Assurance Division of KPMG Malaysia and was promoted as its Assistant Audit Manager. In January 2010, she was promoted as Audit Manager, where she was responsible for overseeing audit assignments. She left KPMG Malaysia in April 2010 to join Ok Yau & HowYong PLT as an Audit Manager. In 2013, she was promoted to Senior Audit Manager. During her stint with Ok Yau & HowYong PLT, she was responsible for managing a portfolio of clientele, supervising audit and tax teams as well as overseeing audit assignments.

In March 2018, she joined our Group and assumed her current position.  

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